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A few years ago, whilst sat in my mother's frontroom, I picked up my pen and notepad, and began to scribble some ideas. I can tell you now, in that one night, I went through more paper than a school does in a day. Ideas flowed in and out of my head like a waterfall, some concrete, some fluid. Names had to be created, characters, the world itself, scenery, storyline, plot points, all this was determined by the end of that one night. Within the week, work had begun on my first novel, which was to be called, "World of Guilds: Redemption".


Over the years a lot of friends, both virtual and local, have expressed interest in my novel and complimented me on it. Without the encouragement of everyone who's read it, and even those who haven't, I doubt I would still be writing this novel.


So here I am, 7 years after I began writing, and the progress is still slow. I progressed to halfway through, and then after a certain proof-reading session, I decided to begin anew, and rewrite the entire story so far. To me, it looked haphazard, brief, even a little childish. We're all overly critical of our own work, right? This heralded a change to the working title, becoming just "World of Guilds".


To date only the Prologue, and Chapter One have been successfully rewritten, and personally, I feel as if I'm creating something wonderful.


As I progress, updates will be posted on the News & Events page.

About The Book(s)

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